Our Videos

We continuously make tutorial and presentation videos and will upload them here as well as our youtube channel.

These videos help you understand more about our Cloud Data center facility, technology, and security.

Open Source for Cloud Providers

Kiarash Kiazand at The Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSSC Oman) 2019 about the open source software for cloud providers.

Nextcloud Hub introduction

Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks.

CloudAcropolis in a Glance

A brief visit to Cloud Acropolis Office, Data center and facility. How we monitor our network, security and performace, and how we make sure the data center is always secure.

Shared Responsibility Matrix.

In this short video we explain how Cloud Acropolis and customers can work with each other to secure the application on the cloud for the end users.

Tally on Cloud in Oman

In this short video introduce Tally on cloud and it's advantages compared to desktop model, we will also discuss about our cloud security and short demo of tally usage on cloud

Cloud Acropolis Data center

A brief demostration of how Cloud Acropolis is managing full redundancy and fault tolerance in the data center and facility level.

Cloud Acropolis IT Equipements

A brief demostration of Cloud Acropolis IT Equipements, such as HP and SUN servers, NetAPP storage, and Cisco network switches and routers.