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IT & Cloud Managed Services

CloudAcropolis is committed to bring the most value in any IT implementation, this also includes the managed services along with our Cloud solutions.

See how our Outstanding Managed Services compares with the competition. Then compare our prices and see where the value lies.

CloudAcropolis24×7 Outstanding Managed Services™ Other vendors 24×7 Support
Service Level
Proactive and Preventative; Designed to prevent many problems and resolve others promptly. 24x7 Proactive Reactive; Support only when something goes wrong.
ISOStandards ITIL® / ISO 27001 Compliant ISMSITIL LOGO NOT ITIL® / ISO 27001 Compliant
ISOMonitoring Proactive and extended, with expert technician response to prevent any downtime or performance degradation. Basic - you only get alerts
backup serviceBackups We manage backups, store them both on site and off site, fix issues and recover your data. You have to manage your own backups
OS PatchPatches We identify and install the patches automatically, with manual testing by our experts. You have to install and test the patches
CybersecuritySecurity We protect with our comprehensive Managed Security packages including Managed Firewall and IDS/IPS. It's up to you to secure the system
supportHelp desk 24x7x365 Instant access to engineers and technicians who understand your system. No operator, no hold time, no automation. Guaranteed. Call center technicians answering questions. Queue and on-hold telephone access
CloudDesign We continuously assess IT components to core functionality and make recommendations and consultation for optimization. You are responsible for upgrading your system as your needs change.

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