Omani data center & setup

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Highly Secured
Lower latencies for omani customers

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Oman based data center and company

Cloud Acropolis is an Omani Company registered in Oman with CR: 1300114 from MOCI. Our data center is in Al Ghubra North, Muscat All data and processing happen in our data center. All ICT equipment are installed in our data center. We bring value to Oman and GCC

The fact of being in Oman mean, The Data is not shared or leaked to other countries. The only entities who have access to the information are those who own the information. Even internally, based on ISO 27001 policy implemented in Cloud Acropolis, we ensure that our own employee do not access customer’s information, unless it is requested by the customer.

From It also means a much faster and more reliable connection. This is simple logic. For a customer in Oman or in GCC, there are only few hops they need pass through to get to Cloud Acropolis. And the distance is much shorter comparing to US, Europe or even Far East.

As an example, for in Oman customers, the latency is about 4 to 15 milliseconds (depending on their ISP and the actual main connection at a given time in our data center). From Qatar this increases to 20 to 30 ms. However, this increases to 114 – 200 ms when the data is stored in a US based data center.

In the other hand, we are truly and even physically at our customer’s reach. Whatever request comes to us, customers can communicate with us face to face . Our address is clearly mentioned in our website.

Need more information High availability?

Please feel free to contact us to help you with the architecture of such setup. Please see us as your Cloud IT Architect and partner.