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Cloud Acropolis is providing secure, reliable and performance. This means we are not allowed to have either any failure nor any downtime, for any reason. The entire setup had to follow a fully redundant and fault tolerant architecture from the facility layer all the way to the infrastructure and software layers.

Oman data center

Redundant Power & Cooling

To start with, Cloud Acropolis data center has two dedicated power cables connected to 2 different electrical power plants in Muscat. Each cable has a capacity of 1 MW. Each line is supported by one diesel generator of 1.2 MW with a tack capacity for 1 week of diesel. After going through transformers and automatic transfer switches, each line is supported by two double conversion UPS in series to provide clean power to the ICT systems.

From cooling, fire detection and suppression system, electromagnetic protection… Cloud Acropolis follows the exact same philosophy about reliability and redundancy. That is why our data center is called Rating IV, as it has been designed, implemented and operated.

Oman data center telecom

Fault tolerant Connectivity

From the communication part, as we are telecom agnostic, we are connected to at least 2 operators with eBGP implemented. Having our own IP addresses, we have them advertised by all operators, so in case of connection failures, the service is automatically diverted to the secondary operator.

As for the physical infrastructure, all our assets are dual power and enterprise/carrier grade with no single point of failure. Our servers are based on HP and our network is based on Cisco/ Mellanox.

Cloud server high available

High Available Servers and Cloud infrastructure

As for the virtual environment, which is the most sensitive part of our business, we have deployed our processing over 8 servers and our Software-defined storage based on 5 nodes. Basically, in case of a node or hardware issue, the affected asset is automatically segregated and the services are deployed on the rest of the infrastructure without any effect on the service itself. Using this setup from start, we have been able to move our entire service from one data center to another without any interruption of service toward our customers. As a matter of fact, most of them didn’t even realize the move.

So theoretically, there is no way for Cloud Acropolis services to interrupt. That is why since the first day, 30th of October 2017, when our first customer embarked with us, we have not experienced any downtime.

Need more information High availability?

Please feel free to contact us to help you with the architecture of such setup. Please see us as your Cloud IT Architect and partner.