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ICT transformation is a huge burden for enterprises. Cloud sourcing has become a major part of this transformation. Cloud Acropolis helps its customers to write this strategy to start with and then will help them to move to the cloud.

Today, we are at the 3rd revolution of ICT. This means enterprises have to go through yet another iteration of IT within their environment. Buzzwords such as cloud, bring your own device, multi-platform and multi-tenant create a new level of uncertainty to managing directors. At the mean time there are many failed implementation and attempts across the world.

Cloud Acropolis fully undertakes this as a global issue and helps its customer to architect the right solution at the right time, right path and right cost. In this journey, we go through a step by step approach from due diligence and interviews, to identify the main pain points and quick wins. Once this is done, we communicate with the executive team and offer them a free test platform for a limited time so they can actually realize how they would benefit from this new setup and how their issue would be solved. Once we get the agreement from customer, then we extend the test platform into the production environment and start the billing. This might take a longer time, but we in Cloud Acropolis can ensure that the provided service is the right one with the right availability and cost.

In the other hand, once a customer comes to us, we ensure to understand what they want to achieve and provide the consultancy on how to set it up. Basically we ensure our customers get an entire Secure Virtual Data Center, that can be access from the needed places in a secure and safe manner with the minimum cost.

Cloud Acropolis is not just a service provider, we are our customers’ partner. After all we claim to be Your True Omani Cloud Partner.

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