Cloud Backup as a Service

Backup all your IT to our Omani cloud
Powered by Acronis™ Cloud Backup

Backup And Recovery Powered by Acronis Cloud Backup™
Every IT needs a backup and recovery system. In addition it needs a process to ensure the backed up information is available when needed. Cloud acropolis is providing backup and recovery services based in oman and with a partnership with Acronis. It can be integrated specially for any physical and virtual and cloud machines as well as database services. Depending on your organizations’ need and policy, you can choose one or many of the below services. Based on ISO27001, it is recommended to have a daily backup of all the data on an offsite premise. With these, we can help you to get one step closer to achieve this standard. Below is the list of our products and services. Feel free to communicate with us if you need any help.

Key Features of our Cloud backup service
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / iOS / Android compatible
acronis-backup-oman acronis-cloud-oman
  • Incremental backup
  • Ransomware protection (Windows only)
  • Web-based GUI administration
  • Stored in our Secured Omani cloud
  • File backup / Full OS Backup
  • Backup Validation support
  • Email Alerts on backup errors
  • AES-256 data encryption
  • VMware vSphere®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, Citrix XenServer Support
  • Powered by Acronis Cloud Backup™
  • Maximum data safety in ISO 27001 certified data center in Oman

Cloud Backup pricing

We charge Acronis backup as a service for each 100GB storage, the more storage you use, the cheaper it becomes. There is no limitation on the number of devices you are backing up and you just need to purchase storage.

100GB Storage

3.7 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Cloud Backup ideal for desktop/mobile and personal data.

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200-500GB Storage

3.6 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Cloud Backup ideal for desktop/mobiles for SMEs.

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600-1TB Storage

3.55 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Ideal for servers workstation and critical data.

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1.1 - 3TB Storage

3.5 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Ideal for Small data centers and enterprises and their workstations.

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3.1 - 5TB Storage

3.45 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Ideal for corporate data centers and numerous workstations.

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5TB & More

3.4 OMR/Month

Charge per 100GB
Backup ideal for Big data centers corporate data.

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