Cloud Acropolis Oman achieved PCI DSS Infrastructure certification

Cloud Acropolis Oman achieved PCI DSS Infrastructure certification.

Yet another Global Achievement, We are now PCI DSS Infrastructure certified!
After months of preparation and thorough Audits, Cloud Acropolis Oman achieved PCI DSS Infrastructure certification. This opens our door to international finance and banking sector looking for a Secure, reliable and high performance IT services. Beside a great internal achievement for Cloud Acropolis Oman team (Reza, Amir, Jawaher, Faiq, Al Farouq, Kiarash ) it is a pride for Oman. We have showcased that not only we are able to offer similar international services, but we surpassed the most requirements with our knowledge, expertise and setup.

PCI DSS certifications ensures our infrastructure is ready and secure to host and hold Credit Card information. During the online payment process, everything is available to obtain, encrypt, process and archive information related to credit card and transactions. The application vendors, Payment System Providers (PSP), and online Payment gateways, banks, exchange shops ... do now have a choice to use our Secure, Reliable and high performance Platforms for their services.

From initial communication using WAF and SSL, caption by the gateway application, till processing and storage of the data, every process and asset has been audited. We showcased that we have at least 3 level of encryption and only the gateway provider has access to its data. The fully redundant setup also surpassed the certification with our 100% SLA guarantied. As for the high performance, our micro second latency setup for 5G, again demonstrated to be much better than expected for PCI DSS.

We also thank our auditor @ISOQAR (India) Pvt. Ltd for their thorough and precise audits. After all the certifications we have gone through (ISO 27001,9001, HiTECH, MTCIT) this was really a pleasure as the auditor was very knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Go Cloud Acropolis. Go Oman.
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